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we are a brand + experience consultancy

Latin for "Inspire"

ADDO is a brand + experience consultancy. We partner with companies & 
leaders to enhance employee engagement, leadership, and social impact. We deliver ways 
to maximize doing business while doing good for tangible, sustainable, and measurable results.

We Believe

Strong Customer & Employee Engagement leads to bigger profits & bolder impact.

When customers and team members are highly engaged and a brand stands for more than the bottom line, the following happens:


More Loyal Customers
More Brand Ambassadors
Strengthen Brand Identity



Reduce Turnover Rate
Raise Team Awareness
Lower Talent Cost

All great companies share 5 key attributes:

Align Values Align Values Foundational Alignment to Impact Core Culture
Empower Managers Empower Managers Inspiration with Methods to Grow + Enhance Teams
Equip Team Members Equip Team Members Targeted Tools Creatively Deployed to Drive Influence
Enhance Leadership IQ & EQ Enhance Leadership IQ & EQ Unique model focused on core principles and emotional connections
Energize Relationships & Results Energize Relationships & Results Value People and Process Success

Our Focus Areas:

Strategy & Consulting
We Ideate Concepts + Process Rigor to Yield Key Results
Brand Activation
Connecting Brands Through Digital Campaigns, Live Events, and Sustainable Programs
Leadership Engagement
We Reshape Context From Positional Authority To Personal Influence
Wow Experiences
Re-Imagine the Unexpected and Dare to Bring Bold Visions to Life
Emotional Connection Marketing
Bringing Brands To Lives Through Multiple Channels and Impact Opportunities
Creative Storytelling
Fostering a Fresh Voice and Surprising Approach to an Age-Old Craft

ADDO is capable of launching a variety of initiatives that mobilize, engage, & activate customers in their own backyard or across the globe.

Some of these Impact Channels include:

Healthy Eating + Healthy Living

Health + Nutrition

Fitness + Sports, Teams, and Events

Active Lifestyle

Student Enrichment + Educator Support

Education + Advocacy

Global travel + Global good

Global Impact

Awareness + Advocacy and Action

Fashion + Lifestyle

Wildlife Preservation + Mobilization

Environment + Sustainability