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we are a brand + experience consultancy

Pronounced: [add-O]

ADDO is a brand + experience consultancy. We help businesses and brands ideate and activate initiatives to enhance leadership and social impact. We create ways for companies to maximize “doing business” while “doing good” to deliver tangible, sustainable and measurable engagement with customers and their communities.

What We Do

Engaging and activating a brand’s most loyal customers through leadership and social impact requires more than just a good idea. It demands action. ADDO is a partner in turning industry-changing ideas into market-ready initiatives that mobilize, energize and engage customers and fans. In making people part of the story – we bring brands to lives.


We are experts in leadership

Leadership matters. ADDO leadership stems not only from an understanding of how to lead complex, social-minded initiatives, but also from our global perspective. We bring a savvy and steadfast global view to the way we lead the ideation process — which we call Imagination Sessions.


Creating awe + making impact

Ideas demand action. Good ideas matter, ideas that come alive matter more. We turn the best ideas for generating brand and social impact from our Imagination Sessions into market-ready initiatives that can be measured, optimized and scaled over time.


Imagination works within process

The ADDO process balances creativity, social impact and business needs. We get to know our clients, their customers, their passion points and their business objectives. This allows us to tap into the creativity that fuels big ideas, as well as to dive into the requirements and structure that successfully launch, optimize and measure results.

Imagination Session

We host an 80-minute Imagination Session designed to unearth unique opportunities that activate impact for your organization or brand. From there, we begin our five-step process.

Captivate + Engage
+ Engage

We identify clear, strategic goals in order to expand the potential for what is possible in developing inspired initiatives that also extend the influence of your brand.

Unveil + Assess
+ Assess

With the foundation and core elements in place, we schedule an Imagination Forum with your team to present and discuss aspects of the initiative that will help unlock key organizational goals.

Refine + Prototype
+ Prototype

The ADDO team uses an iterative process, designed to continually prototype, test and refine the activation plan with your team until a final approach is 'launch ready."

Launch + Measure
+ Measure

Partnering with your team, we establish "ADDO Metrics" for success to measure ROI across a range of factors — from fan engagement, to team involvement to the impact on communities and people.

Share + Extend
+ Extend

Telling your story extends the energy, impact and engagement of the initiative. We leverage your story through extensions such as targeted social media sharing and annual reports for your organization.

you imagine
is real

ADDO is capable of launching a variety of initiatives that mobilize, engage and activate customers in their own back yards, or across the globe. Some of our Impact Channels include:

Healthy Eating + Healthy Living

Health + Nutrition

Fitness + Sports, Teams, and Events

Active Lifestyle

Student enrichment + Educator support

Education + Advocacy 

Global travel + Global good

Global Impact

Awareness + Advocacy and Action

Fashion + Lifestyle 

Wildlife Preservation + Mobilization

Environment + Sustainability 

Imagination @ Work

ADDO worked alongside Chick-fil-A to create Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, a national high school leadership program focused on impact through action.

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