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Through our consultative approach, ADDO partners to inspire internal and external constituents.

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  • Leadership Development Leadership is influence that leads to action. Develop the leaders within your organization.
  • Internal Culture Culture matters. Create a great place to work where people are able to exercise their unique talents toward a mission they believe in.
  • Employee Engagement Engaged employees deliver exceptional service. Develop employees to be more prepared, passionate and purposeful.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Doing good is good business. Leverage your business to generate transformational Impact and tangible outcomes.
  • Storytelling Every number has a name. Every name has a story. Every story matters. Tell yours more effectively.
  • Customer Service Create an innovative process for remarkable customer experience.
  • Company vision, mission, and values Clarity matters. When the vision is clear, the mundane becomes meaningful.
  • Custom Topics ADDO’s expertise spans multiple topics and skill sets. We can build a custom solution for you.

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ADDO Index

Leadership Development Product

Develop leaders and build high-performing teams. Through scientific assessments, facilitated debriefs, and tangible action plans, ADDO Index™ helps you drill down to specific insights and strategies, producing measurable results for you and your organization.

The Voyage

Elementary School Social-Emotional Learning

An elementary school initiative dedicated to transforming students’ perspectives of the decisions they make and the actions they take.

Leader Activator

Front Line Employee Engagement

Elevate your team through project-based leadership development.



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