Chick-fil-A Leader Academy

Chick-fil-A Leader Academy

The Goal

Chick-fil-A inspires people to take good care of each other. Developed in partnership with ADDO, Chick-fil-A Leader Academy was created to help Chick-fil-A live out that mission by bringing high school students, educators, and Chick-fil-A Restaurants together through a fresh approach to leadership education and service in their local communities. By empowering young people to make an Impact Through Action, Chick-fil-A Leader Academy is developing the next generation of servant leaders and improving the communities in which Chick-fil-A does business. 

Our Strategy

For Chick-fil-A and our clients in general: ADDO brings an innovative approach to clients that spans from initial ideation to activation. Unlike traditional consulting or agency models, ADDO comes alongside clients — helping them dream, build, execute, scale, and support leadership programs with a purpose. Through Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, ADDO helps Chick-fil-A Restaurant Owner/Operators positively impact their local communities, build brand affinity, and draw remarkable talent.

Within the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy program: Many leadership programs focus solely on the “learn” part, transferring information through speakers, seminars, and books. The result is often short-term motivation and long-term frustration. Chick-fil-A Leader Academy is unique. It provides opportunities for action with a focus on leadership skills and provides a platform for students to lead through Impact Projects that make a positive difference in the community.


While Chick-fil-A’s brand affinity is strong in many areas of the country, some markets are looking for ways to better plug into the community and tangibly demonstrate the brand values. For some, Chick-fil-A Leader Academy is a Restaurant Owner/Operator’s first opportunity to serve the community and build meaningful relationships with students, educators, and parents.

I'm always amazed with ADDO's unique perspective and innovative approach. The ADDO team stands head and shoulders above others in global experience, scaling business initiatives, and capturing the imagination. Given these unique talents, continued growth, and impact of Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, it made our decision to work with ADDO an easy one.

David Salyers, Former VP Brand Activation, Chick-fil-A


Since 2013, ADDO has helped scale Chick-fil-A Leader Academy to over 1050 high schools in 40 states with 650 Chick-fil-A Restaurants and 112,000 students making a positive impact in their local communities.