Atlanta Braves Leadership Institute

Atlanta Braves

The Goal

With the opening of SunTrust Park and The Battery Atlanta in 2017, the Atlanta Braves organization was looking for new initiatives to expand educational outreach and build deeper relationships within the Cobb County school community. Their goal in partnering with ADDO was to design an opportunity that would allow them to invest in the next generation of leaders through an engaging and impactful high school leadership development program.


The Atlanta Braves’ move to Cobb County presented some unique community relations challenges. Cobb County residents needed to see that the Braves’ relocation to SunTrust Park would benefit the people who live and work in the surrounding community.

Our Strategy 

ADDO designed the Atlanta Braves Leadership Institute to help the Atlanta Braves expose students from all 17  Cobb County and Marietta City High Schools to leadership experiences that stretch their perspective and encourage them to think much bigger than themselves.

The curriculum framework Engages high school students with relevant content, Exposes them to timeless leadership insights, and Equips them with the tools needed to make a tangible difference in their community. That framework also provides an opportunity for the Atlanta Braves to engage students with insights from highly respected civic leaders and corporate partners from the surrounding community.

Atlanta Braves Leadership Institute 2017/2018 – ADDO from ADDO.


The Atlanta Braves Leadership Institute offers a leadership experience unlike any other that enables the Atlanta Braves organization to leverage their influence in a positive way and develop young leaders across the community. By investing in high school students in Cobb County, the Atlanta Braves organization is helping to improve the community in which they do business.

Survey results have shown that students who partook in the Atlanta Braves Leadership Institute have a greater desire to spark positive change in their community and a more practical understanding of leadership principles. Students also expressed a stronger affinity towards the Atlanta Braves organization and rated their Atlanta Braves Leadership Institute experience with 100% satisfaction.